Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sleep. Dream. Wonder. Repeat.

They say you are never too old to dream.  And while one continues to dream, of course completely ignoring the fact most of the dreams never get realized or get delayed , the problem happens when you get recurring dreams at my age. Which is almost 68.

At the outset let me clarify, that while P V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal have nothing to fear from me, I was a decent badminton player in my younger days when I represented my school and college,  and even participated and won in the men's doubles final (there were no womens events, so partnered my husband )  and won, at the Institute where I went to live after marriage.

So I was a bit surprised when I had a dream where I was on a badminton court, and was trying to serve. For some unknown reason (which remains a puzzle to this day) , whenever I tried to serve, the racquet would completely miss the shuttlecock, and the latter would fall to the ground.  I would continue trying, to the disgust of the person on the other side (the dream didn't specify who it was) . By and by, I would get traumatised, worried and leave the court in a state of worry.

The interesting thing was that this dream repeated itself several times.  You might think that I would finally serve, with all those trials, but , NO.  The racquet and the shuttlecock never met. Then one day the dream extended to me returning a serve . Everything below the waist, never connected.  Anything that was tossed above, I ended up hitting in a sort of feeble way ; something very upsetting to someone was earlier very good with  forehand and backhand tosses and returns.

I am just wondering what these repetitive badminton dreams mean. I mean why not a sport where I might be a beginner , like tennis or squash, or kho kho or kabaddi or whatever.

Another recurring dream I have had has nothing  to do with sport. 

You see my mother passed away 17 years ago, in a rather sudden fashion.And I was with her in her last moments.  One has come to terms with the loss of parents by now and learned to live without their presence,  except possibly, in spirit, during  important life events.

I keep having this dream, where I am expecting lots of folks to come by for some function, and am trying to figure out the logistics. I decide that my folks would be using the bedroom opposite .  I then wake up from the dream,  don't see my Mom,   see my daughter go into that room to fetch something, and wonder what she is doing there.   It takes a while to realize that my mother is not going to come and use that room when she stays with me.  End of dream.  

But, this dream has re-occurred many many times. 

I have failed to understand the significance of these two dreams, which have occurred many times.

I wonder if these are snatches of some old memories stored somewhere in my brain.  I wonder if something accesses these memories now when I sleep, and wonder what that "something" is.

I have also heard , and seen it happen (in my fathers's case and an aunt-in-law's case), that folks start remembering old childhood events and people, when  a life change is imminent.

I have an academic interest in all this as I have great respect for the way the brain functions, and the fact that each brain is unique.

Normally, one doesn't take dreams seriously.  Most of them are fun dreams, and some are even impossible.

But I wonder why I get the above dreams repeatedly.

And am seriously looking for answers . Experts ? 


  1. Blogging is that the new poetry. I notice it terrific and wonderful in some ways.

  2. Keep on Sleeping, Dreaming, Wondering and Repeating.... there is no harm....

  3. If I were you (please remember I am no Psychologist...but I did my Hons in Psychology and remember few of lessons), I would have interpreted these two dreams in two ways:

    Missing of serve: Badminton and shuttlecock denotes your lost ambition. You were unable to make it and somewhere in the back of your mind (your subconscious mind), you feel you missed out on an ambition. Why at this age? You are leading a retired life and it is the stage where mind works on things fulfilled and unfulfilled. Long term memory becomes stronger than Short Term Memory...and brain starts concentrating on things long forgotten.

    Missing of Mother: Well, it is innate to being a human being - we miss our matter how old we grow. Your dream is very interesting as you see your daughter instead of your mum. Its nature way of telling you that your daughter is now the epicenter of your most important relationship (which usually a child shares with his/her mum). You are now the mum and the epicenter of her most important relationship.

    Dreams occur when our brain does the maintenance work while we are asleep.

  4. Hello there stranger, lovely to read you again. That was an interesting interpretation of your dreams in the comments above. You always make me smile - winning the men's doubles in badminton. You are one accomplished woman you know that? I find the older I get the more I dream and the more I dream about my dad and things that happened in my childhood. Not sure what it all means but most of them are pleasant and peaceful so I am not worried by them. Maybe you are not getting deep enough sleep perhaps or there is something worrying you when you have them?

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