Friday, May 29, 2009

Someone's "Stepping out".....

A little shrub, facing up,
All alone, amidst the seasons,
They came and went, and then
One day it took root
Reaching up to the sky
Gurgling in its growth ....

The sky is closer,
The sun is a friend,
The moon winks in confidence,
As the arms turn to branches,
Laden with growth,
Green and blooming....

A thing of beauty,

Some say, and it smiles,
Happy in its greenness,
Held close by the brown trunk;
Narrow waisted,

flowering into a canopy of Comfort....

The time for fruiting is near,
The wind and clouds hold hands,
As the rains drizzle in agreement,
There is growth once again,
A coming out into the world,
Reaching out to the sky,
Basking in the Sun...
And the warmth in life....

(Written for someone, just coming into her own. I wrote the poem first and actually found the graphic later. Looks like it was meant to be....a girl-tree reaching out to the world......)


  1. What a poetic ode to a tree. I love the way you put words together to paint a lovely picture.

  2. Darlene Actually, thats the trouble with folks like me who suddenly try being "poetic"; :-)

    Actually, its meant for a girl. Who has suddenly come into her own...

    But its OK, we will call it a girl-tree....

  3. Beautiful poetry on a tree. Yes, now looking at the tree, it does have the figure of a woman. Am I imagining? Iliked the verses in rhyme.

  4. What lovely words, Ugich! Like Darlene, I do love the way you put words together and they do create a beautiful picture on their own and the photo completes it!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I just scrolled up again to look at the tree and all I could see was a beautiful woman, arms outstretched, head back, skipping joyfully into the world! How fantastic is that!

  6. Lovely words! You may have written it, looking at a specific young girl, but the sentiments you have expressed are universal. The wonder of youth!

    Wish we could be young again- for just a short while...

  7. Wow! What a great looking tree; like a free spirit! And what a great way of incorporating the tree with your wishes to your friend! I wish her the best in whatever she does!

  8. Poignant and beautiful...and a shrub about to flower s such an apt metaphor for a young girl blossomng into womanhood.

  9. Sounds like the girl in the poem has a lot to offer the world and the world is open to her endeavors. Lovely poem. And perfect picture to go with it. I saw the tree and then the girl's figure.

  10. Lovely use of words... and what a picture.. is that tree really real !!!!

    wonderful !

  11. Poetry !! On a tree !! Hmm..

    Somepeople like me can be woodheaded. But poetry on living wood can be igniting.To say the least.

    And super picture too. And the words...well, they are class. As good as the prose !

  12. Beautiful words......and what a graphic....almost made to order for your lyrical words

  13. Yes, happy being green. Says it all really, happy in our own skins and that is wha tyou would sih for this young girl with the future wide open to her. I hope she grabs it with both hands and holds on tight! Beautiful poem.

    PS I think Brett is more in this young girls' age group. What do you think? Are there many older women younger man relationships in India? I have posted your latest artwork and I am loving my beautiful orange and hot pink sari. I would love to buy one I am thinking. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?

  14. Lilly Actually, one is as old as one thinks. And since Des always tells people he is 64 (I think from one of your posts), you have a genetic gift for saying that you are 32. Everyone will believe you, and you will be in B. Lees' age group. Voila !

    Incidentally, I just found a place for your sarees :

    Many colors and many price ranges...If you still dont like those, come down to Mumbai, and we will take you shopping, bargain, get a great sareee, and top it off with a bloggers lunch....:-)

  15. nsiyer Thank you, and i was quite thrilled about finding the tree myself ....

    Sylvia You know, some posts are meant to be, methinks. I wrote this poem in 15 minutes, and was searching for a nice graphic. When I saw this one, it was like magic ! Just what I was looking for. Maybe Google has a mind of its own.

    manju True. The sentiments are universal. Without any cultural baggage. And yes, who wouldnt want to be young again , for just a short while.....

    RoshniThank you.

    SucharitaWhen an English Prof actually gets the meaning I intended to convey, it makes my day ! Maybe the tree helped, where the words left blanks....

    AletaThank you. Great graphic, isnt it ? I too saw the tree first and then the girl...

    HitchwriterThank you. I think that tree is real. Seems to be on a hill, and in the picture sometimes you see some golden lines which could be far away lights. Then again , it might be my imagination doing overtime...:-)

    Kavi Thank you. Even I wonder how this worked out. Sometimes I surprise myself.:-) (And I am so glad i didnt have to search for rhyming words...:-))

    SGD Thank you. I think so too...

    Radha I agree....

  16. That tree is beautiful. I noticed immediately how much it looked like the figure of a woman. Your poem matches it perfectly. I am sure the girl in the poem is as beautiful as the tree.

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