Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poetry in voting

Just found out that voting has begun for :

IndiBlogger of the Month
September 2009 Original Poetry

There must be something to Divali. Festival of lights and all that. But I didn't know that all those festive lights would kind of shine down on one of my newer blogs.

IndiBlogger - The Indian Blogger Community
My poetry blog, Strewn Ashes , has been nominated with 185 others :-)
for Indie Blogger of the month.

And the Indiblogger folks have asked us for
5 poetry posts which everyone can vote on.

Interested folks can have a look at them AND VOTE BY CLICKING HERE...

(You need to search for "strewn ashes" on the screen page).

Everyone can vote 5 votes (for the 5 nominated posts) , links to which are shown on the voting page.

I know Christmas is coming.

With more lights.

Maybe some of them will shine here.

Who knows......
and one is grateful !

P. S. facility for flinging shoes, chappals, and tomatoes not currently available. And one needs to practice ducking. My reflexes are a bit slow.

Someone did say you could do all that on the Net too. I pretended not to hear.

Frustrated types are advised to take a deep breath.

And exhale. Slowly.


  1. The link didn't work so I was unable to vote. Let me know when it's fixed so I can vote for you.

  2. Sorry about that. Just fixed the link . Please check !

  3. I already voted once !! :)

    best of luck !

  4. Good luck! Will make my way over there now.

  5. DarleneThank you. I fixed the thing.

    Nu, Manju, Hitchwriter Thank you for voting....

    Sujatha Thank you...

  6. I just voted. Thank you for fixing the link.

    You have lots of competition. Writing poetry must be popular there. I do hope you win, Suranga.

  7. Thanks Darlene. There certainly is tons of competition , and such great poetry too. But I enjoy the process of taking part and meeting other people who write poems too. ...

  8. Suranga, as soon as this was put up yesterday, many tweeted and also mailed so I already done with my 5 votes.

    I saw this post only now. My quota is over :( but I wish you all the best.

  9. Solilo I guess one falls short of certain bird attributes at times.:-) But I greatly appreciate your writing to me about this. Thank you. And between you and me, competitions apart, this has been a wonderful opportunity to read so many poems in one place, so to speak ! .....