Sunday, December 19, 2010

A gem of a choice.....

Some stand
on the shoulders
of parents,
zeros without them,
that a fall,
will be cushioned,
by mattresses
stuffed with
papers of certain colors,
obliging officials,
and the
rights of innocents.

And some,
years after
slogging years,
feet firmly on the ground,
eyes willing the ball,
stand tallest
at 5ft 5inches,
as they
and sweep,
in an arc in the sky,
22 x 50 x 100
of them.......

A slight smile,
a deep exhaling
as he removes the helmet
and looks up
into the beyond
his father,
who showed the way,
but left him
to define his own paths
by hard work,
quiet concentration,
and respect.

At 37,
his fathers child
and a favourite child of the country,
his is not to
sit back and gloat;
he mobilises
to face
a Protean swing
and spin...
eyes sharp,
mind calm
a billion prayers empowering him.

Mothers wish
for a son like him,
Coaches pray
for a student like him
Fathers smile
when they watch him,
children puff up
when they talk about him,
and blades of grass
on the cricket grounds
all over the country
shiver in excitement
as they recall being part of it all....

He stands tallest
as he calls himself
an Indian first,
in the face of
mindless statements
by those with mortgaged minds.

How many
Republic days must go by
before someone
in high places
next choice for
Bharat Ratna
is obvious........


  1. And of course there are critiques.. and Sachin does what he can do best .. he plays. I have never been able to decide whether I love the cricketer in him more or I appreciate him as a very humble and down to earth person! I think it is both :-)

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  3. your post got me goosebumps. In Marathi it can be better expressed as 'angaawar kaata aala'.

  4. YEs indeed HE IS THE MAN.. and makes us so proud... amongst all this chaos at least we have one MAN to be proud of ...

    the poem is excelltn i loved it :) hard work can get one anywhere they want to be


  5. He sounds like a beautiful person.
    Your writing touches my heart even though much I do not understand with my mind.