Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jab We Met .....

I've often felt, to the complete consternation of some folks who think I need a checkup, that, as a society beset with problems, there is a lot the human body can teach us ,  on how to handle them.

I also have a possibly outrageous notion, that all our body organs can think.  I know they say that there is a brain facility in the stomach/intestine system.  Maybe they will find the others later. 

A furious little boy, eyes full, coming home from school, kicking every stone in his path and whacking every tree within a stick length. 

He doesn't know what he is angry with. 

He has been teased . Told that he was found in the trash.

Because he is an adopted child.  

And those who teased him learned whatever they did from their own parents, who are the unfortunate manifestation,  of misuse , or actually , under utilization, of the so called evolved human cerebral cortex.   

Think of the human body.   A woman's body. And the Uterus.

It is a case of "Jab We Met" Or "When X met Y" .

An Ova with 23 chromosomes, meets up with  a Sperm with 23 chromosomes. They click. 

And the uterus, unconcerned with their origin, mobilizes to do what it is an expert at.  Namely providing intelligent housing for the embryo that results. Intelligent because it must interact with the mother's body as well as the baby's, and maintain a balance favouring the latter.

It provides a safe house for the singe cell , which has the amazing ability to subdivide and make copies of itself.  The nucleus of the cell has the coded instructions in protein strings  on what is to be done. And so it develops an outer  set of the cells, an inner set of cells and an intermediate set of cells  in the first 5 days of the grand positive meeting of the Ova and the Sperm.  The outer set of cells becomes the placenta which is the communication centre of the mother and child, the uterus and the mother's body, through which nutrition and messages flow.

Through all this wondrous development in the formation of a child , with all the requisite organs developing in a preplanned manner,  the Uterus performs to the best of its ability, constructively cooperating with the foetus and taking excellent care.

It does not speculate on the origin or circumstances  of either the Sperm or the Ova. 

It does not speculate on the morality or  social classification of the  donators of the sperm and ova. 

It is simply none of its business. 

It simply does what it is supposed to do.  Protect the foetus.  Monitor and manage resources for the foetus via the placenta .  And run its self-monitoring system for the foetus as it grows .     

It is a tough job.  The casing of the uterus, the human body, is not still. It is an active machine, that exercises, runs, stands, sits, shudders, bends, overdoes things, becomes despondent at times, unleashing a slew of hormones. There are other parts of the human body that have their own idiosyncrasies and behaviours.  The Uterus must understand and deal with all, screening the foetus the best way it can , from possible problems.

And yet, it reaches  its peak period of 208 days  , and introduces a new member to this world.  This one comes with its own properties, based on the dominance or recessive traits  that result, when the 23 Chromosome Ova  meets with the 23 Chromosome Sperm.  At no time, has the foetus (now child) been discriminated for the circumstances of when X met Y.

Unfortunately, our society never learns from these organs. Children are abandoned, mistreated and ignored, and the lucky ones manage to reach some institute , where they get a life.  Some lucky ones, also end up getting parents.

I wish our society would learn from the Uterus.  Honor the child.  Don't humiliate it based on what you think is its origin.  Teach your children to respect the human body.

Yes, there are traits in every child  that arise out of dominant genes of each of the parents.  It is also known that if it is a male child , it stands to inherit certain physiological  tendencies from the father  .  The female child never does.   And despite knowing this, the human uterus does an unbiased nurturing of the foetus, whether it is male or female.     

And yes. The Uterus mobilizes for use again and again.  To the best of its ability, till many years later, it fatigues, kind of retires, and sits away quietly, shorn of all its energy and vitality.  A life spent doing excellently what it is supposed to do, actually producing fruits,  which it must give up, and a final fading into the cavities so to speak.  Like the heart,  another organ that follows the philosophy of the Bhagwad Geeta , pertaining to working without consideration of the fruits of your labour.

Do we learn from this ?  NO.

Does our so called education teach us this ? NO.

We are a society where children learn from parents that blood has only 2 groups. Our blood , and Their blood.  And how it is different.  And how Ours is always superior.   And Theirs,  is mired in trash.  ( I have actually heard such a comment. From an ex-adoptive parent, who simply, returned the child, and then remained childless and what else, superior .....)

I hope that furious little boy who came home upset and confused, grows up into a fine, sensitive, and respectful young man, and honors the folks who gave him a family and a life. 

I hope he is wildly successful in whatever he wants, works hard for it, never losing the empathy he has for those not as fortunate as him.  

I hope he meets someone with similar thinking, and they bring up their own children differently, than what he experienced amidst  classmates, in his childhood.
I hope he respects the human body and its capabilities and learns never to abuse it.

There is much to learn from it. 

We have a cerebral cortex which allows us to do that.

They say it has evolved.

For some folks, err....  "superior" folks ....  , it clearly has not.     



  1. I always
    learn from your writing.
    Thinking of you this early morning
    in a land far away
    and how you wrote so many
    poems about this one...
    Thank you

    1. Ernestine, thank you ! Dont know if this is all scientific, but its just my take on what I think is an amazing design : The human Body ....

  2. It all depends on the Karma that a human soul performs through the casing called body. However there are corrective actions by the almighty to bring the soul back to the desired trajectory. But almighty also gives up after many attempts and put the soul to stand in the queue for rebirth.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am still trying to understand it .

  3. As a woman and a surgeon I completely appreciate your views. I think most of us choose not to learn from nature. What a loss!

    1. Madhuri, from personal experience I am almost convinced the Uterus has a brainlike setup. Maybe it is yet to be discovered :-) But I continue to study the various organs, and am convinced that some of them follow the concept of Nishkaam Karma ..... Bet they didnt teach you that at BJ.... :-)