Thursday, February 28, 2008

National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week , Washington, D.C. , February 24 to February 29, 2008, and its relevance to M. Hayden Esq.

Unrestrained and sometimes manipulated successes, have been known to affect the judgement and good sense, normally seen in sportsmen .

Some successes have to do with
field performance. Some have to do with green (as in currency) performance. Today, it is not surprising to note that most "fields" are "green", and it is probably to be expected that more green the field, higher the level of invisible weeds that will exist.

Some weeds that could have been slightly invisible earlier, may simply become a permanent field fixture.

It is probably known that some weeds, classified throughout the first world as
L. O. ("litila obnoxica" for those of you interested in the doosra details), tend to be very resilient, spread very innovatively in fields, particularly in the southern hemisphere. With global warming and other global stuff impending on the horizon, conditions are expected to very conducive to the spread of this weed.

The International Weed Science society is in talks to upgrade the weed "L. O" , to the category of a premium plant,
thanks to its several doosra ball and teesra bat capabilities. .

At the same time, studies have indicated that another species, classified as B. P. B (Big Pompous Bush, to those interested in special connnotations of the word "Bush" , worldwide) , has been in
trials for implementing in Asian farmlands. Although very popular in islands in the southern hemisphere, those who invested in the seeds for this BPB, and paid through their companies for them, are now wondering , if the fruits of this plant will be accepted by the general populace, after the mandatory 44 days growth period.

The Ninth Annual National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week is being held in Washington, D.C. during the week of February 24 to February 29, 2008 to bring people and groups from across the country together to focus national attention on the severe impacts caused by invasive weeds.

Amazing coincidence, that .

The website of the Weed Science Society of America , mentions under "resistance" , the following :

Resistant weed biotypes are a consequence of basic evolutionary processes. Individuals within a species that are best adapted to a particular practice are selected for and will increase in the population. Once a weed population is exposed to a herbicide to which one or more plants are naturally resistant, the herbicide kills susceptible individuals, but allows resistant individuals to survive and reproduce. With repeated herbicide use, resistant weeds that initially appear as isolated plants or patches in a field can quickly spread to dominate the population and the soil seed bank.

Did the Right ( or should we say, Wrong) Honorable M. Haydon Esq. of Australia know about this when he classified the cricketer from India as an "Obnoxious little weed ?" Don't know if the Rt honorable Mr Hayden Esq . attended college, but he needs to update himself on field research, having to do, with studying, weeds, plucking methodologies, composting, manure etc etc. Its more about technique , and less about arbitrary potshots ( native to educational set ups where bullying and ragging is the choice ).

In the meanwhile, I am not sure, if the subcontinental bowler actually had heard of Henry Labouchere, who said :

I do not waste my time in answering abuse; I thrive under it like a field that benefits from manure..."

(Actually, I hadnt heard of Mr Labouchere either; but I know of someone in Australia, who needs to go do some courses at the Weed Science Society of America.......

Like the Father of the Nation said
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

We await the last step.


  1. From a regular reader ...

    Absolutely brilliant post with an awesome punchline. Its quite beautiful when even a rant can inspire.

    "We await more" ...

    Kudos !

  2. Yes.Bold and beautifully said!I too wait to win!!

  3. Great piece,

    They are already fighting us in the ring.. 'bring on Ishaant' they rant!!!

    I would suspect though that Matty Hayden will never read this article.. Hope he does.. but he has to learn to read and write for that I guess -)

  4. Its Sunday evening here in Mumbai, and the first final has just ended. (And you dont need to be an orthodox cricketing type to enjoy the great result.) Once again the Father of the Nation is spot on.....

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