Saturday, September 06, 2008


I have always wondered if babies in-utero, at full term , could open their eyes and see around them. While we associate seeing with opening of eyes, maybe they do not need to do so, given the neuroplasticity of our brains.

If they could see, they would be awash in a dull colored liquid, and a bit further would probably be layers in various hues of pink with streaks of dark and bright red. Occasionally some dark brown, dull grey, and once it is D-day, it would bright red streaks, pink resting places, white coats around, with steel silver glistening in pans. The only black , brown or golden things would possibly be their own hair, visible only to others.

Then it's a life of blue, pink, and pastel colors, as they endeavour to get ahead in the world, revelling in the green of the gardens, and red, orange, yellow of the flowers, gurgling up at the blue of the sky, as the golden sun slides by, it is evening, and you are taken home, and fed those tasty fruit and vegetable morsels in yellow, and green,purple and orange, everything grandly mixed up in an explosion of good feelings...

There is obviously something missing here. Black. As it should be.

No welcome into the big bad black and white world.

Countries have fought on the basis of black and white. Families have fallen apart on the same basis. Societies who think the world can only be black or white, have had to view rivers of red amidst brown and grey debris.
Men and women unwilling to welcome a tinge of grey into their thinking, have been the curse in society. They say white reflects a hundred percent, and black absorbs, similarly. We don't need this perfection now.

Let the children revel in the colors of the rainbow, nature's variety amidst the woods, bright and sunny futures, and cool and shady homes.

Like I said, something missing here. Black. As it should be.

The only time we pay attention is when it shows up on white, and some one gets up from a rocking chair, picks up a newspaper with a shaking Parkinsonian hand, and says, "So sorry to hear this. He was my friend. Such a colorful chap. Miss him."

(Submitted for Scribbit's September Write Away Contest)


  1. I love colours... black and white included..great post and a very interesting angle to colours

  2. The Parkinsonian hand that my dad has had for many years now has got him lose the colour of the best years of his life !

    We journey on in the hope of a better tomorrow. And he leads the challenge.

    This post moved me. thank you !

  3. Wow.. Your post starts with the beauty of birth and the colors that are captivating to new life.

    And then, black and white ~ the extremes of colors correlated to the extremes of views.

    Ending with the pages in the newspaper listing those who have passed.

    Powerful stuff with a lot of meaning packed into a short, colorful write. Beautifully done!

  4. Scribbit : Thank you.

    Lakshmi : I appreciate your comments, in particular as you do so much with color yourself, and so wonderfully too....

    Kavi : Thank you.

    Aleta : Thank you. Sometimes colors inspire ....