Sunday, December 21, 2008

The importance of Darts......नेम बराच सुधारलेला दिसतोय .......

I have always thought of Darts as a game for those who have proved totally unsuccessful at shooting with bows-and-arrows.

For one thing, arrows themselves are quite fine as a throwable item, but having to do that via a bow, kind of complicates matters. You have to conduct yourself in big fields, with targets placed far away from you. Everyone holds their breath and respectfully stands around in silence, as you pull and let go. Cheers or tears. Then we have all the mythologicals on Indian Television, where single arrows from a single bow of a single person (mostly blue in color), often gets rid of entire armies belonging to the opposition, amidst huge orange flareups.

There is something final about bows-and-arrows shooting. Its like screaming and shouting at someone, and decisively bashing them up. Bulls eye. Serious stuff. Like books.

Darts, by contrast, is a more sedate activity, mostly played with arrows (darts) the size of your palm, and a dartboard the size of a base of one of the new buckets I recently purchased. This is played mostly indoors, and people are eating and drinking around you, and some of the players even take sips of some golden stuff in between. People comment. Tease. Applaud. All this pleasant and informal activity has so far kept it successfully away from being co-opted as an Olympic Sport. where the requirement barrs waiters from walking around the place with beer and sandwiches.

And so darts is like a bunch of friends sitting , teasing, taking pot shots , sometimes hitting, sometimes losing, and all the time you are enriching yourself with the experience amongst friends who enjoy similar things as you do. Light enjoyable stuff, like blogs.....

So it is with a great sense of happy surprise that I came upon this award, the "premio dardos" or "dart prize " award, that a fellow blogger Devaki, has bequeathed on me. (This seems to be the season for Spanish Awards....)

This is supposed to be an award "acknowledging the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day".

Muchas Gracias !

(I honestly wasn't aware I was transmitting all these things as the recycled electrons sped across the blogosphere.)

This is gratefully accepted, and one would like to pass this Premio Dardos award, on to Rain, Windy Skies, Kavi's Musings, Past Continuous .........

Er.... sandwiches, anybody ?


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this honor :)

  2. Thanks, dhanyobad (that's to spread Bengali culture).

  3. Picture Jim Carrey in the Mask saying his Thank you speech..

    Ah but this is about a different culture. Ok..lets picture Sharukh Khan being his normal self in any ordinary movie. And say ttttt thank you ! The effects are the same ! :)

    Thank You !


  4. You do know you have this most amazing sense of humour. I wish I was meeting you at a blogging lunch because I am sure we would be laughing a lot. I loved this line,......'has so far kept it successfully away from being co-opted as an Olympic Sport. where the requirement barrs waiters from walking around the place with beer and sandwiches'. Too funny.