Sunday, July 26, 2009

The wandering mind stops.....

This blog and I need to take a break for a while.....for reasons below. Skimming through the Asian monsoon , looking down on the Australian winter, as one follows the North American summer into the approaching Fall.....the world is indeed a wonderful place....

Crowded thoughts at the taking off on a journey. Missing some. Remembering some. Voices , calls, and all is peace again.....

Their Children,
then grand ones happen;
They thrive, immersed
in the trials
and tribulations of the ,
living of these.
Sometimes wiping tears,
sometimes indulgent,
sighing in content.

And soon,
the heart is deaf
to the will of the mind;
It is time to go
and they leave
those they
have cherished;
Having watched them grow
through the mist
of days gone by,
boys to men,
girls to women.

in far off lands
as another set of folks
step out to
begin their own lives,
Oceans away,
here in their own land
the rain has cleared
the clouds part
urged along by the wind
like a curtain at a heavenly window;
There is a light,
I look up,
and see them there.

"Go forth"
they say,
pointing the path,
"We will be with you
in every prayer recited,
every song sung,
every delicacy served,
and every flower
that will adorn
the garlanded necks."

As I get off
the bird that flies me,
I sense fingers,
at the shoulders.
They watch
those who have come
to receive me,
smile to themselves,
happy at the
and nudge each other,
watching their youngest
bustle around
His sister has come.


  1. Enjoy the vacation ! And the time spent away from us and here, will be time to reconnect, renew, remember and rejoice.

    With stories to tell on your keyboard and thoughts to share loaded on to your bag, we will await your return !


    Enjoy the time !

  2. Have a wonderful holiday and maintain a diary and let us in... !!!!! lol...

    enjoy !!

  3. We all need to take breaks and vacations. Enjoy your time away. We will still be here when you return. You will be missed.

  4. Neetsa samajla nahi. Pan fakta blog break ghetiyes ka Australia/amerikechya suttivar pan challiyes?

    Amerikela yenar asasheel tar mala bhetlya shivay jaoo nakos.

  5. kavi,hitchwriter,judy,AKiNYC

    Thanks a lot, folks.

    Vinita blog ani me dogha break ghetoye. Australia waroonach bagheen:-). US la gharatla lagna attend karayla zatye.....lagech parat yenaar ahe....agdi pune-mumbai trip saarkha :-)

    Texas la punha kadhitari ?

  6. Nahi baraka.Ajjibaat chaalnar nahi. Hya welela yaylach hava. (Paay aaptat thaythayaat karnari yahoochi bahuli)Kuthe california la yenar ahes ka?

  7. Enjoy your break and have a wonderful trip!

  8. I'll check back for you! Enjoy a safe trip.

  9. Sometimes we all need a break. I hope yours is a good one for refreshing you.

  10. I wish you were traveling closer to where I live as I would love to have a visit.

    Have a very safe and enjoyable trip.

  11. Have fun and a great trip. Come up rejuvenated and revel.

  12. SURANGA you are becoming so accomplished with your work in Paint. Congratulations and I'm sure you'll return home with even more inspiration ...
    June in Oz

  13. Manju, Lou, Rain, Darlene, Barbara, NsIyer, June

    Thank you all for kind kind wishes. And yes , I am enjoying my visit here very much !

    And June, about the art work, I am learning some tricks, like getting relevant graphic backgrounds from google searches and then doing a bit of art work on it.....thanks to you introducing me to this stuff !

  14. Gosh you are an artist in so many ways Surang. And here you are been gone and back again. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.