Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Candiddate Gappa

Despite what you might think, I am not threatening anyone with the rolling pin or cricket bat(depending on who is reading this).....its just my bai-style :-)

You know how it feels when someone old enough to have her own blogging child, and from a perfectly ordinary middle class background, is sort of plucked from somewhere and suddenly thrust on to the stage to mingle with the leaders ?

You don't?

Well, I do. And it takes some time getting used to.

Well, this blog is up for voting in the Best Humanities blog category, of the Indibloggies 2008.

The Jury has carefully selected and lined up the deserving contenders for the final rally...

You will be shown a page with the various blog names. You choose the one(s) you wish to vote for, and the site asks you for a valid email address. You will get an email at that address, where you need to click on a link to have your vote registered as valid. Simple.

Please go here to vote. Voting starts Nov 25, and ends December 10. (India time)

Incidentally the blogging child is nominated in the Sports Category for his serious cricket blog. A Cricketing View. A click there to vote (on the same voting page) would gladden the heart...

I hope you guys vote for me and mine.

That's what Obama said. I hope you do too.

Thank you.


  1. Love the poster you have created :) Heartiest Congratulations Suranga, you deserve it!

  2. Awesome ! Congratulations ! And perhaps this nomination deserves a big treat !

    The voting will happen ! Ofcourse !

  3. IHM, Congratulations yourself ! Have just left word on your blog. And thanks so much for your nice wishes...Voted for you and Solilo...

    Kavi Thank you. Now that 50% of the family is nominated, I hope the remaining 50% condescends to glance at it :-)

  4. Congrats..i voted for u too in the morng :)

  5. congratulations :))) its past 12, so I will go and vote for you right away..ah, I am gonna miss the celebration :(

  6. I have some problem voting.I registered my mail id but did not get any response.

  7. thanks for visiting Jugalbandi. Glad to have found your blog. Love it. Heading over to voting.

    What's that old saying - Being young or old is a state of mind. Wish I could be as young as you are when I get to where you are.


  8. wonderful blog. and poster. all the best, dear suranga.

  9. I voted for you without hesitation because you really deserve the award. I think you should also have been included in the humorous category because your make me laugh so often.

  10. Neha, Radha, Manju, HHG, Darlene Thank you for the nice words and wishes.

    Jugalbandi Thank you. Welcome to my blog, and here's wishing you the best in the Indibloggies too....