Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interacting with Addas

When I was a child, the word "Adda" in Marathi (my mother tongue) didn't have connotations that were nice. It basically meant a collection of people , up to nothing useful, and Wikipedia defines it as " a noun, with the nominal form of the word meaning the location or nest of a group or community, usually shady people. "...

So mothers always referred to a bunch of no-gooders playing cards, as a card-adda, or a bunch of people sitting on a culvert and gossiping as a gossip adda. It is, of course , worth noting , that a bunch of dedicated students solving geometry homework riders were never referred to as "homework adda", and neither were ladies-getting-together-to-make-divali-sweets, called a ladies adda.

Over the years, meanings have changed.

Same with Adda.

And so today guys call themselves BlogAdda. They sit amidst a forest of blogs, their minds a-whirl , barely managing to keep their heads above the Niagara of information descending on them, one hand clutching the mouse pointing at the Back arrow.

They Tweet, and they Pick. Tangy Tuesdays Blogs and Spicy Saturdays Blogs. Wild Wednesdays, and Mindblowing Mondays still wait for Fabulous Fridays and Thrilling Thursdays...

I kept hoping they'd have Payasam Sunday Blogs . These young people don't realize that you don't alliterate on Sundays. (You read blogs while sipping spoonfuls of Payasam). Its OK. They will learn when they get to be my age...

Instead they asked me to do an Interview.


(And no, I didnt have to rush around shoving stuff under sofas, pushing chocolate wrappers under magazines, checking wilting flowers, changing into FabIndia outfits, or practicing my smile...:-))


  1. Oh how nice ! Congratulations on the interview !

    Very interesting to read the interview & for some reason gives me a great happiness to read !

    Many many congratulations !


  2. KaviThank you. But they've gone a bit overboard with the "India's senior respected blogger" bit. But it was fun doing the questions.

    Incidentally, you might be happier still with Part 2. Suspense !

  3. Ha!ha! you can't give me the slip.i saw your photigraph and can finally pounce on you when I visit Mumbai next.congrats Suranga, that was a neatly tackled interview.

  4. Congratulations! It was absolutely wonderful to read your interview!

  5. Niceeeeeeee! More reasons to celebrate? :):)

  6. Wowiee !! I'm so happy for you :) I liked that line dadi of all trades dada of none

    Just noticed the comment from the anonymous on cigarette post...bakwas!some frustration spill out !

    The MSPaint post is really useful..have bookmarked it for later read :)

  7. Congratulations on being interviewed. I think several bloggers in the the U.S. have been interviewed. Millie Garfield is my age and she writes "My Mom's Blog' and, of course, Ronni Bennett of "Time Goes By' has been interviewed.

    I was pleasantly surprised to read your interview and find that you mentioned me and my telephone. (It's called a Cap-Tel phone). I also know who you were referring to in Seattle as I read one of your poems on her blog today.

    We are becoming a small, but wonderful, family. Isn't it fun?

  8. ekdum dhaasu interview !!!! Enjoyed reading it. Congratulations on being interviewed !!!

  9. HHG Look forward to your next visit to Mumbai...(folks are talking about blogger meets after exams in apr...)

    wordsanddreamzThank you...

    G Agdi, Agdi....

    Nu Thank you. Just a thought. Maybe you can change your screen name from "I'm Nu" to "I'm First"... Oh, and Part 2 is with blogadda already. Should appear soon.

    DarleneThank you. And yes, meeting friends like this is so much fun. The Net surely makes the world smaller. Incidentally, I used to think that you are my oldest reader. You are not. Some I know in Northern Calif. , who is 92, and never comes on the Net, came and read the interview and commented on the interview site ! Amazing , isnt it ?

    Enchanted Maja Ali ga . But what is this "dhasu" ? Amchya weli ha shabda nhavtaa....:-)

    Braja Thank you. And, it was also fun to do....

  10. At this age you still look so young & beautiful!It was interesting to read about you!

  11. Very nice interview. And a lovely picture too. I always had the lady on the broom image in mind( pardon me!, but I am not to blame!!)

  12. tina Thank you. Its all that strenuous flying on the broom I have to do everyday :-)

    radha Thank you. And I still remain, the lady on the broom. They asked me that in the second part of the interview, coming up tomorrow, I think.