Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Chronicles of Corruptia

A day in the life of a schoolgirl in 2040.

History and government are her favorite subjects. And she has done of lot of research into the Scammy Age which is what happened in the beginning of the 21st century.

And she has written a paper on the Theatre of the Scams. She was going to call it the Theatre of the Absurd, but was told that plain absurdity had tinges of plain innocence. There was none here.

And so she wrote about the person in the portrait alongside, a father , Sir Mercy Gogglewalla, who blindly doted on his willful poetic daughter, YesIkani.

And how they conspired with a person of royal nomenclature but the standards of a goonda, called Akingo.

How he met , in the course of his misdeeds , a hefty looking pseudo sports type , Kuresh Salmadi, who sported a fake virtual turban, and misled two other sport types called Bhan and Verm into joining him, in spending the country's money on food and timers, ordered at outrageous prices.

YesIkani, under Akingo's influence, became great drinking friends with Ms Toddywalla Radio who actually knew all the useful and big shots around.

Between Akingo, YesIkani, Ms Toddywalla, and with the help of a few other people from actual industry of the country, crores of rupees were appropriated.

The time was such that everyone was then being looked upon with suspicion.

Ms. Sympatica, the erstwhile CM of an adjoining state, assumed queenly stature with her display of jewellery and power, and her efforts to convert an old river behind the Taj Mahal, into an expressway. It is said that another prince from an adjoining state is giving her a tough fight.

Holding the banner aloft for the southern part of the country was another queenly person, Ms. Victoria Varieta, who had long long ago known Mr Mercy Gogglewalla in Tamil films, but was not willing to give him or his willful daughter the time of the day now. She had sworn off jewellery while Mr Mercy Gogglewala and his cronies were in power , and people remarked on how jewellery was now making a comeback, now that someone was looking into the corrupt linkages of YesIkani, Akingo, and others.

And how can we forget, Empathica Energy, the lady (shown sitting in the middle) who showed a ray of honest light, when she drove out the communists from Bengal by democratic means. She was honored in a photo with the ruling party chairperson, and Ms Victoria Varieta, and as much as they tried they couldn't get YesIkani to go away, and so there is this picture for posterity, of some powerful women pretending to be ordinary (!)

But the find of the day , for the school girl doing the paper in 2040, was a scene from, what she thought was a play, but which was the depiction on what was actually happening in 2011.

YesIKani, Ms Toddywalla Radio, and Mr Mercy Gogglewalla, getting away with it all, and the ruling party chairperson, and Ms Victoria Varieta (in disguise), just standing by .....

The teacher gave the schoolgirl a new videophone. They don't give grades anymore.


  1. LOL I haven't read anything yet but I simply love your creativity!!!

  2. what pictures !!! cracked me up :)

  3. Amazing one!!!

    I have been following your blog for a while now, but never left a comment. I know it's bad on my part and I apologize. But I simply love the way you tell things...your words are so accurate and your writing is just great!

  4. :) excellent but we all know about these corrupt people and all they have done yet we have jsut brought a few of them to power again..
    so If someone is time and again giving me the oppurtunity to LOOT , I will never give a secodn thought to NOT loot .. .. as a indian its my janam sidh adhikaar ... its in my DNA to be corrupt :)


  5. Finally could view the header & pictures today! Great post- hilarious pictures! :D

    Particularly loved the one of Jayalalita, finally wearing her jewellery again after becoming CM once more!

  6. Brilliant!! what else can I say. Keep up the good work.