Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Phillumwalli in Bloggywood

For someone who is not really a film buff, can emerge from a theatre, with feet nicely in touch with the terra firma, but feels a great sense of wonder about the different technologies that allow us to be creative today,  I should have anticipated this.

From writing prose and poetry as a child, playing the sitar,  fabric painting, paper towel flowers, decorating daughter's tees (when she was 11) with warli figures and nimbupani poetry, salvaging a long gone dining table plywood top by covering it with a fabric and doing a huge warli on it after hanging that up (the table got a new proper top), gifting folks with personalised warli art,   to blogging in prose and verse , and foisting comments in verse on unsuspecting individuals,  the ease with which new media is available to anyone today, has meant that one tries one's hand at so many more things.

Folks carry cameras today like we carried cloth bags in our childhood, to go to the corner market running errands for our parents. In fact today, people forget to carry bags , but never forget their phones and cameras.  Softwares have made it possible to sit in one place, with a nice cup of tea, and make films.

I tried my hand at one recently. And the subject  was my household help, "S" who I have blogged about frequently on this blog.  That one had a daughter, who fiddled with cameras helped.  "S" even wore headphones and recorded her story.

I tried putting it all together, and a film happened (if you can call it one).

I am in awe of the fact that we live at a time when someone like me,  can one fine day, sit down and make something like this.

I know it needs a lot more polish and slickness. But like the repairs of the Mumbai roads, it will happen in due time.

(Ye gads. I just realized, that like the Mumbai roads, folks can now point to potholes in the film . ....:-(....)

 Never mind.

The trouble is, "S" speaks in Marathi in the film.  Hopefully some folks will understand .   I haven't figured out how to do subtitles. Maybe you can't do that here. Who knows.

But have a look. At my new blog . "Phillumwalli".   


  1. Awesome Suranga...you are a total rockstar!!! *Falls at feet and asks for blessings* I mean decorating your Daughter's t shirts with Warli..Gah! I am so so jealous of her...please let her know that :)

    I cant open the website now..will go home and do it :)

    Big Hugs :)

    1. R's Mom, Thank you ! Dont know about star, but weight and stubbornness probably qualify me as a rock. And you know what, the daughter, who now paints on her own tees, (much better ) just had a nice laugh at the "jealous" stuff .......:-)

  2. Long time I could not come here n read your posts which I always want to go through itmeenaan se...So glad I clicked to come to this one :-)
    The Warli and the film and many more things you keep doing just tell how upbeat and lively you are.
    Inspired. I am.

    1. Sangeeta , thank you ! Its fun to try out newer and newer stuff. And the trick is to do it because it brings you joy, and not because it is supposed to be done in a particular manner etc....(It helps that one has retired from one's job too)

  3. Touched and well depicted.
    Very down to earth and realistic. The 'S' looks a phenomenon.
    Interesting. I am reminded of 'My Fair Lady'. "If you treat mr like a flower girl, I will be one. But if like a lady, then I will be one".
    Kudos to you for treating her that way.

  4. I am familiar with S and your write up sounds interesting. But I am not able to open the video. Will you please check, Suranga?

    1. Sandhya, its opening OK for me. Maybe if you try after a while it might work out ?

  5. It opened when I clicked the link from Face book! Enjoyed reading this post, Suranga!