Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays !!

Flying on a broom with a rolling pin/belan/cricket bat , raised high, has its pros and cons, I suppose. Besides exercising my triceps in my old age, its a nice place from where to get a 'bai' eye-view of the bai-gone years.

I've always been told I talk too much.

Sometimes indulgently. Sometimes with a laugh. Sometimes with a resigned look. And frequently with a sheer look of undisguised disgust. :-)

And so in the summer of 2006, one took to blogging. Taking inspiration from someone in the family's generation-next, who already did so, on "serious" subjects like cricket, its silly points, deep fine legs, and other weird names.

The nice part was one could "talk" as much as one liked. Write on whatever one wanted. In any form of English. Prose or verse. Even art.

And those who said mean things to you, could be, theoretically deleted. Disagreements , OK. Abuse, No.

Luckily I have not had to deal with any negativity on the blog. Ever. Possibly due to the very middle-of-the-road paths followed while I traipsed through the various potholed roads of Life.

Having reached the magical peak of 60 years ,gives me a new perspective of the old days. So many things I took for granted, now appear special, in their archived state. And I love to write about them. And my forays into the modern world. With an old world attitude. Kamala Bai meets Britney Spears.

So it was with a sense of shock that I saw my blog nominated in the Best Humanities Indiblog category a few weeks ago. Those nominated along with me were some great names I have admired. Some for their brilliance, some for their empathy, some for the rigour, some for their analytic skills, some for their immense versatility, and some for their heartfelt attitude....

Imagine burrowing through a crowd , lugging your sling bag and vada-pav, straight into the first row, straightening up a hurting back, and finding yourself looking at captains of industry, divas of fashion, and various Excellencies and Honors. And no police lathis to chase you away.

The thrill blinds you. You close your eyes and wait.

I did. And when I opened them yesterday night, I had a message from someone in Boise, Idaho congratulating me on a win in my category ! (They had themselves won in one category, and were like runners-up in others).

One duly rushed over to Indibloggies to confirm.

Gappa was the winner in the Best Humanities Indiblog category.

You know, Gappa means Gupshup, or Random Chitchat. There is a lot of virtual ribbing, backslapping, winking, nodding. Sometimes even serious faces. Sometimes we even meet in real life, and then report virtually.

Its been wonderful. And fun. I have made tons of friends. Of all ages. From 25 to 85. Across the world. Shared in their good times and bad. They have encouraged me to write verse and draw, all in the blogosphere.

Like I said, I've always been told I talk too much.

I have yet to hear someone say I write too much.

And as for the aforementioned looks of undisguised disgust, there is that little key with D.

Thank you for voting and this wonderful news.....


  1. Suranga, heartfelt congratulations on being judged the Best Humanities Indiblog!

    May I take this opportunity of saying that I have loved your blog from the first time that I visited here?

    I have admired the fact that you speak very forthrightly in your posts, but your manner of persuasion is always gentle, and never designed to hurt feelings or ruffle feathers. Perhaps that accounts for the lack of negative experiences?

    Congratulations again.

  2. And congratulations to the 'blogging child', too- for a creditable performance!

  3. Congratulations Suranga!

    There is one vote from moi too. :)

  4. Yippie !! Congratulations to you !!

    Ata parat pedhe :P

    I voted for you and I'm glad the vote counted :)

  5. Congratulations, Suranga! No one deserves it more than you! This is a great way to start my day!



  6. Wowiee! Congratulations!! Calls for a celebration... :)

  7. Manju Thank you very much for such wonderful words. And the blogging child thanks you too, and sends his namaskars. It surely is nice to appear to do well, in something one enjoys so much. अश्या वेळी वजन दणदणीत असलं, तर पाय जमिनीवर रहातात :-)

    Solilo Thank you for your wonderful vote.. Was a bit surprised at the result. But not complaining ....:-)

    Nu Thank you for your wonderful vote. Yes, Parat Pedhe it is .....

    Sylvia Thank you so much for the very kind words. This was one of those lucky days I guess. ...and have a wonderful day yourself too !

    G Thank you. Just trying to see what the planets configuration was . Must be अनपेक्षित यशाचा दिवस ...:-)

  8. Heartfelt congratulations, Suranga. No one deserves it more.

    It was not luck that won you the award, but your insightful posts on human nature. I have learned much from you.

    I am happy for your.

  9. I often think I have the best followers in all of blogland. I have never had a negative or hurtful comment either. And look what I blog about..sometimes very controversial subjects. I love the people I have met here. That means YOU too!
    How wonderful to be recognized. You have a gentle, unique way of looking at the world. It is a joy to read.

  10. "deep fine legs". lol.

    i'm glad i "found" your blog - it keeps me in touch with my mumbai roots. and i'm glad you won.

  11. ...and very deservedly so!! A big congratulations :) Majhya navani kahitari gode kha :)


  12. Many many congratulations. This is absolutely well deserved and makes me proud that i too know a 'celebrity' ! :)

    Your blog has a way of gently nudging a tip over. A series of ephemeral thoughts that weave into a wonderful tapestry at the end of it all !

    Where the broom is actually a wand in disguise ! Flying across many lands and many ages !!

    This is absolutely fantastic. Many many congratulations once again.

  13. congratulations..your blog is always a pleasure to read and you deserve to win..thanks for yr wishes in my blog..

  14. Darlene Thank you very much. And am greatly honored by your words...

    Lou Thank you so much. For taking the time out, from the trials and tribulations of life, to encourage a soul half way across the world. Greatly honored by your words....

    bee Thank you. I love your blog too. And greatly deserving win for you too.

    I didnt know you were a "mumbaikar" conversant with deep fine legs. :-) May be This will bring a smile to your face ...

    litterateuse अगोबाई , इश्श्य , किती कौतुक करावं एखाद्याने ? पण , thank you हं...:-)

    Kavi Thank you very much. The flying on the broom bit, allows me to bypass unpleasant stopovers .... and keeps things in perspective. Having said that, this whole thing makes you feel a bit intimidated with all those big names in your category...

    Lakshmi Thank you. And I am greatly thrilled that you won. I absolutely enjoy your photos and descriptions. Congratulations again...

  15. you can never write too much :)

    many many congrats... i'm so glad that you won...because it was well deserved :D

  16. Congratulations, many many times over. The win in the "HUMANITIES" category is especially meaningful, because your posts combine humour, indignation, perceptiveness, wisdom, knowledge about an eclectic range of subjects...but above all what they always have is 'humaneness'. For the underdog, for the voiceless, for the marginalised and for the innocent.
    It rather looks like I am gushing, but I am not. Many many many congratulations again.

  17. Suma Thank you so very much!

    Sharmila Thank you and welcome to the blog....

    Sucharita Thank you , in a very heartfelt way. I always value your comments and weight them differently, because they come from someone who teaches and is an expert in the subject. The entries of these blogs happened in early 2009, and I actually ended up choosing this category because i couldnt fit it in any other thing. then nothing happened for months together. Suddenly one found oneself nominated by an Independent Jury. And soon the voting started. But I guess something worked. So Humanities it is. I guess the planets were OK this time....

  18. LOL on "wajan dandanit asal ki pay jamini war tiktat"

    You are great :) I'm glad I know you :)

  19. Congratulations! I am sooo happy for you!