Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Headers from Over The Hill

Two women. One 78, the other 61.

Both stay about 12,000 miles apart.  They have never met.   But both have found interesting things to do post their retirement.

One in the West Coast of the US,  writes stories, and has a very popular photoblog

The other, on the West Coast of India,  started out with this blog,  then started commenting in verse on various photos that people published on their blogs, eventually encouraging her to maintain a poetry blog.

At one point she commented in verse on several photos published by the elder one.  The subsequent appreciation was so nice that she decided to try her hand at stick figures in art,  the only  innovative thing being the pictures tended to reflected  events in the elder one's life, like going camping, shifting house etc.

The other nice thing was that you didnt have to draw things in perfectly proportionate ways in the stick art. One hand could be double the length of the other, you could assume weird acrobatic postures, and it was all considered OK.   (At least , no one raised a hue and cry).

These were headers, made by the younger for the elder's photo blog,  and, I think, greatly enjoyed  .....

 The outcome of all this was that the two bloggers,  now have a blog of their own, which displays all the funny headers made by the lady in India, for the blog of the lady in the US.

Welcome to "Headers from over the Hill "  ......

All kinds of reactions are greatly welcome.  Both the ladies are fairly adept at dodging throws of the rotten type, like tomatoes, eggs etc. Luckily , and not being in "power", we will escape shoes, which appear to be currently in fashion.

Do have a look , and tell us what you think.

P. S. You might appreciate the music on that blog, which is not the Ga Ga type, but sung by people who stuck to names their parents gave them. Hmm. 


  1. Wow what an idea. Heading there rt away :)

  2. Wow what an idea. Heading there rt away :)

  3. Wonderful ! Congratulations to both of you lovely ladies.

  4. Ah! We do have fun don't we!!! I love what you've done, just as I always love the headers you design for my blog! How fun to have a combined effort by two "older" women -- one MUCH older! And who ever said that the fun stops when you get old???? Obviously, not us! Thanks you for all the beauty and laughter that you've brought into "my world"!


  5. Great idea! Love the new blog, Suranga!

  6. swaram,kavita,Manju Thank you for the appreciation !

    Sylvia ITS YOUR BLOG ! (You cant comment like everyone else ! :-)
    But thank you for such lovely words !

  7. Many many congratulations !! This is great news. You keep redefining the benchmarks !!


  8. Incredible blog headers, Suranga! Congrats! I also saw the photo of you on your new blog. You look so young - hardly the old lady you describe. You could pass for someone in her 40s. I kid you not!

  9. Congratulations on a fun blog from two very talented and lovely ladies.

  10. That's something! Very creative, and obviously a lot of fun for two awesome ladies :)