Friday, September 02, 2011

Repost : Virtually Real Ganpati Bappa.....बाप्पा मोरया रे .......

Reposting something, I wrote 3 years ago. It still holds.

Ganpati Bappa had decided on it , long before Dr Douglas Engelbart , invented the keyboard mouse, while working for the Stanford Research Institute. Not one for flying chariots, eagles, and the like ,he decided that the mouse was His vehicle of choice, in his endeavours to preside as the wise and problem solving God.

It's interesting to realize that in today's world, mouse clicking and pointing leads us to huge stores of information, much of which we use for problem solving and research. I can just visualize Ganpati Bappa, popping a delicious 'modak' into the mouth, chuckling and smiling , and patting his mouse on the back, and enjoying his current festival season, as he sees countless devotees rush back to their laptops and pc's after the pujas.....

She was a great admirer and worshipper of Ganpati. Every personal, educational and other milestone that the children achieved in their life, was celebrated, with a thanksgiving puja (service) to Ganpati Bappa. She followed the thanksgiving rituals, more out of a sense of gratitude, and instilling an awareness, than fear or some kind of rigid adherence to rituals. For many years, the short 2 day Ganpati celebration at their house would have a special event of some scholars reciting the Vedas, in unison,and the sound reverberated and percolated in all the nooks and corners of the house. Followed by a delicious repast of traditional seasonal and festival delicacies for everyone.

By and by , her children grew up and had their own celebrations of Ganpati Bappa across the world. After a lifetime of organizing her own Ganpati worship and festivities, she began visiting her daughter, whose children wanted to experience the whole excitement of welcoming, worshipping, celebrating, and then bidding a watery goodbye to Ganpati Bappa on immersion day.

They were relaxing one afternoon after lunch,, admiring the Ganpati decorations done by the children , and talk veered around to the daughter of a family friend, who had had a very complicated limb surgery and was learning to walk again.
This was being done in the face of a lot of questions as it was a sort of surgery that was actually not mandatory, but important to the girl. The girl was very gutsy, and they decided to invite that family over for an evening with their Ganpati Bappa, to coincide, with the girl's maiden outing after her surgery.

By the time the friends arrived, with the girl pushing her self up the ramp with her walker, wincing with pain, albeit happily, the children and grandchildren of the house, had rushed out and organized a cake with the girls name ,with "well done" inscribed on it, and there was much hiding and smiling when she arrived.

Everyone crowded around the girl, and she was completely surprised by the excitement, as they implored her to cut the cake. '

She did so, eyes full, her parents watching indulgently, the younger kids planning on which piece to aim for, and grandma landed up with a silver plate.

"Wait. Lets dedicate this as "naivedyam" (blessed food) and then you can have it. "

Cake ? Naivedyam? Eh ? (Things like cakes,with egg in them are a no-no, and almost amount to blasphemy. The naivedyam is a very traditionally defined thing).

They looked at her, perplexed; she, of the rigorous pujas and yearly Veda recitations, who always insisted on her daily interactions with Him, in a freshly washed cotton saree, just
pulled from drying on the clothesline; whose pujas were never highly audible to us, but were heard by Those in Whose honor they were done.

"You are celebrating some one's success and progress. While your own effort is very praiseworthy, remember someone Up There, who looks out for you, and remember Him in all your good times. It doesn't matter what the food item is, and what it is made of. It is the thought and faith behind it that makes things sweeter..... Just pray, virtually offer a piece to Ganpati Bappa, and then distribute the stuff."

It simplified a lot of things for her daughter, who was often confused between being religiously correct, correctly religious, following certain prevailing norms, and often reasoning out certain things by herself, in an effort to make religion and spirituality interesting and convincing .

One hears folks doing research on virtual reality today. Virtual has taken on a new meaning in this age of IT.

But thanks to Ganpati Bappa, and his virtual enjoyment of cake , many years ago, that family learned what
virtual reality could be. And was. And is.


  1. What a wonderful thought ! Glad you reposted.

  2. Religion is all about inner feeling, how one feels deep within. The outward-ness do not matter, REALLY.

  3. good u reposted I could read it else i would not have been able ot read this ...

    lovely story ..


  4. I loved this Suranga...really loved it. Ganapati ki jai :)))

  5. I guess the lady mentioned was your dear mother. Couldn't be anyone else. What a lovely thought of offering cake to Ganapathy Bappa. he must have relished it all the more for the thought behind it.

    Happy ganesh Chaturthi to you and yours.

  6. Sometimes the ceremony and the trappings that accompany it become more important than the religion that inspired them.

    As an example; Christmas is so much fun with the decorations and presents that many people of other religions celebrate it. I don't know anything about your Ganpati Bappa, but you seem to hint that may be true of yours, also.

  7. Kavita Thank you

    Aativas Yes. I agree ....

    Gigihawaii Thank you .

    Bikram Thank You

    Braja Thank you . As we say, "Ganpati Bappa Morya ! "

    HHG Yes , it was ! Thank you .

    Darlene What you say is so true. I have nieces and nephews in the US, and we are Hindus, but they enjoy celebrating Christmas with their US friends, and the friends join them in celebrating some of our Indian festivals. Everyone enjoys !

  8. For some unknown reason my comment was not getting accepted here so a bit late ....
    I liked the clarity in concept about being correctly religious rather than being riligiously correct.
    I am sure Ganapati Bappa would have welcomed the change in taste and enjoyed the cake.
    what matters is spirit of the devotee and being rigid to rules is not necessarily being rightly religious.