Sunday, June 07, 2009

For a brave lady........

Resplendent in her prime,
Green in anticipation,
Swaying the silk in her leaves,
The breeze turns her head,
Branches twist in agony,
Painful dangerous bends that
leave some memory on the soil

Time and again she tries
to feel full and green,
The storm subsides
leaving the hurt;
Rainswept fertile minds
and grasses,
under the weird gaze of the cloud

The cloud she thought her own,
in its blackness
Darkens an already fearful mind,
Diseased spots of doubt.
What if the leaves just fall,
And leave a rigid trunk,
A dry leafless life,
Stems withering in the sun
Tremors of Agony...

The rain comes blowing in,
clearing the cobwebs of her mind,
Washing the leaves clear,
As tears drip down the trunk....
To embed below;

The cloud smirks, it has lost
the trust and love of the greens;
Slapped by an angry wind,
it rushes beyond the hills,
Leaving a tired but hopeful tree,
tickled by the nudging blades of grass,
growing up,
holding out a hand,
to say, we'll face it together.....


  1. Profound.

    And that is not a 'also ran' comment. I felt my heart tug a little and the eyes grow moist reading this...

    We all have to face it together.

    A few days back, i scribbled in my journal :

    "The mind is pregnant. Just like the clouds. With rain.

    Pregnant. Both with rain. And the rainbow.

    Wonder which of them would be stillborn. "

    Wonder why i share that...but its a spontaneity that i am not going to check myself from..

  2. Oh!Its heartfelt & I am sure that you have been graced by creativity & empathy par excellance.You have a poetic mind that I know .

  3. Now that was so heartfelt and spoke to me with great clarity. Thank you. I think you understand a great deal about the human spirit and what suffering means. I am printing this off to share.

    I do so wnat a book of yours one day. Really. You are THE BEST writer out of any blogs I visit.

  4. KaviYour journal entry bothers me. Why must you choose between the rain and the rainbow ? A little bit of sunshine thoughts glimmering trough the rain will give you your own rainbow...

    And there are so many blades of grass nudging you on, saying we'll face it with you, strong and smiling...

    AnonymousThank you

    Lilly Poetry happens when you watch a simple, wonderful , human being facing adversity, and rising up again and again with faith in nature, despite "cloudy" behaviour of some close ones. Saw it Friday. I hope the vibrations get through to her...

    Manju Thank you.

  5. I love poetry and you seem to have a way with words of all kinds, whether poetry or storytelling your writing is interesting and touching at the same time. I loved this, too.

  6. This I lied very much....have no exact words to describe my feelings.

    I enjoy your blogs, reghotya, limericks and now poetry! [what's next in store for your faithful readers?]

    Congratulations and looking for more,


  7. Sorry Sorry

    Read LIKED and not LIED!

    What a terrible mistake! My apologies,


  8. I read this post. I couldn't comment. Sometimes words escape me and I'm left with such a strong emotion and I'm afraid my comment won't equal what I'm feeling.

    I had to come back and read it again, digesting even more of the poetic beauty.

    If there's ever been a poem that has touched me, it's this one.

  9. Hello gappa,
    I love the way you have written this poem.

  10. Judy Thank you. Sometimes when you are sufficiently angry about things, words just flow...

    Vivek Maybe its the change of hemisphere. Maybe its the missing paints. Its OK.

    Actually I didnt know I could write these things. But I just discovered, that you have to feel very strongly about something (as in this case of a friend) , for a poem to happen. (And one doesnt have to worry about rhyming which is such a relief. :-)

    Aleta I greatly appreciate your comment, coming from a poet , as it does. This was about a friend suffering an onset of Parkinson's, and the completely cruel environment she finds herself in...I get to work off my anger, and I hope she gets the tree vibrations...

    Kusum Thank you....

  11. I'm with Lilly: your writing is brilliant and we want to see a book...

  12. Brilliant. The rains also bring green shoots in the tree to bloom again....

  13. I read this beautiful poem three times. Two because I found it so full of meaning and the third time after reading the inspiration for the poem. The third time I understood what you were saying completely. It is absolutely majestic the way I believe you captured the hurt, turmoil and finally acceptance of your friend's diagnosis. We will get through this together; you are a very good friend.

  14. Very powerful. I hope that you, the tree, stand tall and strong.

  15. Braja Thank you

    Joy Thank you. Yes, I should have included the little green shoots in the tree as well...

    Darlene Thank you for such a detailed reaction. You know, these poems have more of an "automatic" feature. You are upset about something, and the mind puts forth the most meaningful words and imagery. You simply document. I too had to read it 2-3 times, to figure out if I was conveying what I wanted to convey. It then feels like your outpouring might in someway help...I hope it does.

    lady Fi Actually, I am NOT the tree. A very good friend is. But as a representative of the thousands of blades of grass, standing erect and tall in support of the tree, I will try my best for her.... Thank you....

  16. This made to the final selection for voting :) Good Luck

  17. After a long time I actually read a poem....I mean i read various lines,ramblings,which people call poetry...but this was different, touched a chord somewhere.

  18. Gyanban Thank you. Real things happening around us sometimes result in thee words. Just disgust and hope. In that order. For 2 different people.