Saturday, June 27, 2009

A frustrated lament

Once a tough minded tree
Reaching for the skies,
Her raised arms,
leave an unprotected trunk
Susceptible to the axe police.

Cuts on the surface,
Thrusts into the psyche,
She tries not to crumble,
Sheathed in a leafy wrap....
As Ill laden clouds,
Threaten the mind,
"You dare not grow
without me,
No standing at ease
Just a life long 'Attention!'...."

And as gardeners, and greeners
watch in despair,
She becomes a Sunflower,
blindly following
a lying sun
in connivance with the clouds,
Eyes wide shut,
The mind as blank
As a sheet covering a sofa,
Constantly wiped creaseless,
destroying reality,
A deafening deadness of mind.....

And the burning sun
Peers from behind
the murderous cloud,
and rejoices,
As one more layer of her mind
and dies.....


  1. She becomes a Sunflower,
    blindly following
    a lying sun
    in connivance with the clouds...

    Was just fabulous. Absolutely brilliant.

    And yes. such are our lives. With dying minds and withering souls.

  2. Beautifully written but so heart wrenching...
    is this about your friend?
    I hope not....

  3. Oh how sad, I dislike sunflowers too....

  4. You are endlessly creative...loved the lines, and the Paint collage. A life of attention, no ease...that's the worst possible punishment one can be sentenced to.

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  6. This is the tale of growth when the supporting source in connivance with the associates makes the plot.

  7. Kavi,Darlene, SGD,Lilly,Sucharita,Pradipda

    Thank you. The way families play out their ego and power games, to the detriment of another family member, is sometimes unbearable to watch. Particularly in the matter of health. This is just a heartfelt protest to the powers that be. I hope things change soon for the sunflower.....