Sunday, January 17, 2010

In praise of Individual sports...

Days of runs and sports. 16734.

We always knew he wanted to run on the Sea Link. But running a half marathon for that is just too much !

The fittest blogger who secretly made the french fries vanish during our blogger lunches, completed the half marathon a few hours ago. 21.09 kilometres in 2 hrs and 14 munutes !

We are speechless. Except for three words : Congratulations, Well done !

Another blogger from the lunch set, who lives in two places, and blogs as two different names on a whim, actually stood at vantage points in South Mumbai, in single minded devotion, early on a Sunday morning, and managed to click a wonderful picture. And by the time he called us, totally thrilled, and posted this, 16734 had reached and busted the tape.

Priceless performance.

And talking of price, there's another game being played out there.

A cricket test match between the BCR (Be Cha Ra ) 11, and the Party 11.

The Party 11's have some erstwhile good players like Tur Daal Amtiwale, Moong Singh Halwai, Shakkar Lal, Udad Idlikar, Moongphali Telwale, and lets not forget the expert bowlers, Doodhisingh Tees, Gobikumar , Hara Beany, and finally, Bharata Baingankar.

On the other hand, the BCR's have had a tense time rustling up 11 players, due to various injuries. Sadha Aadmiwale, Kuchnahi Khanalal, Bhajisingh Mehenge, Rationlal Chuppelal, Batata Gul, Kandabua Chaleeskar , not to mention Methilal Palaklal Pacheesi.

The Party 11, have complete control over the pitch. The umpires are actually the guys who push the roller in their free time. And the match referee is their boss at work. Not only that, they do the toss with a coin which is identical on both sides. So they always win the toss, and always choose to bat first. They always win the Man of the Match, which, of course , goes into the Party 11 coffers.

Tur Dal Amtiwale, and Moong Singh Halwai opened the innings, and did a century each. Tur Dal Amtiwale is still there, closing in on 125. Moong Singh Halwai, was declared shame-before-public at 90, on the middle stump bowling off Kuchnahi Khanalal. Udad Idlikar came in and tried to shore up the innings with a steaming 85, before Batata Gul caught him at deep fine leg in a diving catch. Shakkar Lal came in with the new ball. Despite heroic efforts and middle stump bowling by Sadha Admiwale, and Rationlal Chupelal, at tea time, Shakkar lal was comfortably batting on 50.

Questions are being asked as to why Bharata Baingankar, and Doodhisingh Tees from the Party 11 were seen in the enclosure of the BCR 11 after tea. Unconfirmed reports indicate that they are unhappy with the second class grade payment made to them compared with the Amtiwale,Halwai and Idlikar. Reliable sources indicate that the BCR management and public is demanding an investigation into the pitch-fixing allegations that are now emerging against the Party 11, after disgruntled players from their team were seen in the opposition camp..

The Sports Ministry has promised to appoint a committee when it is free of the Commonwealth Games Crisis, and the Abhinav Bindra Episode.

Back to our hero 16734, whose heroics have now convinced everyone that it is better to practice on your own and participate in sports on an individual basis. Dedicated efforts and practice here always yields results. Unlike when you depend on administrators, who decide what your value is, sometimes based on their election memories..

In the meanwhile, stocks of red colored powder suddenly disappeared from the suburban godown of a well known paint company. They were finally traced to another close by suburb, where a huge celebration was in process with a lot of this powder being joyfully smeared amidst the company's human resources, dancing wildly.

One hears that a bloggy reception is being planned soon, to commemorate the exploits of 16734.

Details awaited.


  1. You have many writing talents, gappa!


  2. yes yes! details awaited eagerly! :)

  3. congratulations to Kavi a.k.a 16734 a.k.a fittest blogger

  4. 16734 may be a quick runner, but you are also a very quick (witted) and fast (to post) blogger. Enjoyed the cricket commentary immensely.

  5. You have an amazing blog indeed. What a precious method you have in your writing skill! Highly Admirable!!

    My wife recommended your blog to me. Her blog is about art; my blog is about photography.

    Carry on with the wonders :)

  6. Ur way of writing is awesome! I liked ur blog! :)
    Waiting for the details. :)
    Happy blogging! :)

  7. Wow! Congrats to that hero & to all his Genuine Supporters! You posted it in an exciting way & funny as well.
    Yes, Congratulations & well done!

  8. Congratulations to runner 16734! Well done!

    And great cricket commentary!

    Though a soccer game would be an apt analogy, too- the Indian public being the ball that is constantly kicked around!

  9. Congratulate runner 16734. And I did not know that you could double up as cricket commentator. Great going. what else can you do/ or would you prefer to spring surprises?

  10. Well done Kavi. Now these are never more truer words spoken, "Dedicated efforts and practice here always yields results." Beautifully written as always.

  11. Kavi's feat is inspiring. I also decided to start running, my enthusism was visible till everybody around reminded me of my age. But something like his achievement must be done. Let us find our field!

    Enjoyed reading thsi post.


  12. Thanks for the featuring ! I feel like a worldwide celebrity to get featured here !!

    Well..well..well ! Thank you ! And by the way...what a commentary ! Enjoyed the post !


  13. Thank you everyone for the nice words and the congratulations have been duly passed on to runner no 16734.

    No 16734 has also posted THE story of the Marathon on his blog.... pl read , particularly if paunch-abled...:-)