Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Agobaya ! Freedom to learn !

This is S., my household help for the last 25 years and counting. Has inspired many blog posts. And this entry on freedom for the Blogadda's Frames of Freedom contest....

Her first taste of freedom was when her aged parents brought her and her 4 children back from an abusive marriage.

Since then she has been helping herself to a special freedom, freedom to learn !

She recently called me one night , to ask me to go "wherever I go on the computer to find out stuff" (read Google) and verify some eclipse info for her; an expecting daughter-in-law made this important. ( I Blogged about it here).

She has seen me search online for medicine information for her.

She has "learned" Google; it doesn't matter who is typing.

Enjoys seeing photos of trips, and covered her head respectfully when I showed her some, of our visit to some famous Ganpati temples in Kokan.

Many photos which had her go ,"Agobaya !"

Illiteracy doesn't stop her from learning.

The keyboard doesn't matter, she can't read it anyway.

She knows how to select photos from the Thumbnails. And marvels at the photos.

The best kind of freedom ; Freedom to learn and enjoy the learning !


  1. Freedom to learn and gain knowledge in any form useful to us, is seriously a very big boon.

  2. A taste of real freedom! It's wonderful isn't it. What's education if we cannot share our world with others who do not enjoy as much luxury (read 'access') as we do!

  3. Very good Very good Very good

  4. I am enjoying the freedom of learning by reading ur thought provoking post. :)

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  6. love the concept behind the image. Best of luck.

  7. Excellent. What more freedom one could get? To be educated does not necessarily require one to know how to read and write. Let her enjoy this freedom to the fullest.

  8. To be able to go beyond limitations is so inherrent in humanbeings. Somwhere along, we miss it !

    it requires an incident, a person or a gradual realisation to get back that curiosity that rests within. You are somebody who inspires that curiosity so well !

    Well done ! And the best wishes to her ! She continues to inspire ! through you !

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  10. nice concept nd ya it is really true when we see some one comming out from a negetive situation and getting setteled completely after that, its a perfect example of freedom....

    nd ya if you hav tym please go through my post(im a new blogger) nd leave a comment about wat you feel like.... thanks..

  11. Thank you everyone for the kind words and appreciation.