Monday, January 26, 2009

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! ! Sure ! Sawadee Pee Mai!

I know its been almost a month since 2009 began.

Like many folks , who at year-end and year-beginning, take stock of their fortunes, economic and otherwise, some other folks like GWBush and Obama, who I am sure look back and look ahead respectively at this point, it occurred to me , that, trying to find the international/national mix in the various folks who alight on this blog once in a while, would be an interesting thing to do.

I thought it would be in the fitness of things that I wish them a Happy New Year in their mother tongue, (as I guess it to be).

While the most numerous of my blogger friends can be wished in English, I thought these following 92 ways of saying a Happy New Year to everyone , sometimes even in their script, was something I should be doing, as the Chinese people, today , January 26, 2009, begin the year of the OX !

There isnt any entry for English. For those folks , A very happy new Year to you....

For those whose blog followers speak Thai, Albanaian,Dhihevi,Greek,Hungarian,Eskimo ,Kabyle,Kisii,Lithuanian, Vietnamese, et al, this is how you say the stuff .....

And now for the exciting stuff: (Roses are Red, Bloggers in Blue.....:-).)
  1. Afghan - Saale Nao Mubbarak
  2. Afrikaans - Gelukkige nuwe jaar
  3. Albanian - Gezuar Vitin e Ri
  4. Armenian - Snorhavor Nor Tari
  5. Arabic - Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair Hi Edasseri !
  6. Assyrian - Sheta Brikhta
  7. Azeri - Yeni Iliniz Mubarek!
  8. Bengali - Shuvo Nabo Barsho Hi Sucharita ,Pradip Biswas , Ranu, Vikram Hazra !
  9. Breton [Celtic Brythonic language] - Bloavezh Mat
  10. Bulgarian - ×åñòèòà Íîâà Ãîäèíà (pronounced “Chestita Nova Godina”)
  11. Cambodian - Soursdey Chhnam Tmei
  12. Catalan - Feliç Any Nou
  13. Chinese - Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐(modern) 新年好(traditional)
  14. Corsican Language - Pace e Salute
  15. Croatian - Sretna Nova godina!
  16. Czech - Šťastný Nový rok (or Stastny Novy rok)
  17. Danish - Godt Nytår
  18. Dhivehi - Ufaaveri Aa Aharakah Edhen
  19. Dutch - Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
  20. Eskimo - Kiortame pivdluaritlo
  21. Esperanto - Felican Novan Jaron
  22. Estonians - Head uut aastat!
  23. Ethiopian - Melkam Addis Amet YihuneliwoI!
  24. Finnish - Onnellista Uutta Vuotta
  25. French - Bonne Annee Très bonne année Hi Helene H , Fida!
  26. Gaelic - Bliadhna mhath ur
  27. Galician [NorthWestern Spain] - Bo Nadal e Feliz Aninovo
  28. German - Prosit Neujahr Hi Fida !
  29. Georgian - Gilotsavt Akhal Tsels!
  30. Greek Kenourios Chronos
  31. Gujarati - Nutan Varshbhinandan Hi Hitch Writer , Chirag, Rajk !
  32. Hawaiian - Hauoli Makahiki Hou
  33. Hebrew - L’Shannah Tovah
  34. Hindi - Naye Varsha Ki Shubhkamanyen नए वर्ष की शुभ कामनाएँ Hi Everyone in India!(whose mother tongue I cannot figure out), Various Indian Folks in the US, UK, and Australia !,
  35. Hong Kong (Cantonese) - Sun Leen Fai Lok
  36. Hungarian - Boldog Ooy Ayvet
  37. Indonesian - Selamat Tahun Baru Hi Adi Nugroho !
  38. Iranian - Sal -e- no mobarak
  39. Iraqi - Sanah Jadidah
  40. Irish - Bliain nua fe mhaise dhuit
  41. Italian - Felice anno nuovo
  42. Japan - Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu 謹賀新年 Hi Manifestation
  43. Kabyle - Asegwas Amegaz
  44. Kannada - Hosa Varushadha Shubhashayagalu Hi Ganesh ! Hi Lakshmi, Usha
  45. Kisii - Somwaka Ompyia Omuya
  46. Khmer - Sua Sdei tfnam tmei
  47. Korea - Saehae Bock Mani ba deu sei yo!
  48. Kurdish - Newroz Pirozbe
  49. Latvian - Laimīgo Jauno Gadu!
  50. Lithuanian - Laimingu Naujuju Metu
  51. Laotian - Sabai dee pee mai
  52. Macedonian - Srekjna Nova Godina
  53. Madagascar - Tratry ny taona
  54. Malay - Selamat Tahun Baru Hi Sukku !
  55. Marathi - Naveen Varshachya Shubhechcha Hi Vivek, HareKrishnaji, Vinita, ChammakChallo,Radhika G., Pitamaha, Sonal M M,Abhilekh, Chandu,Magic Eye,Raman Ozha,Ganesh, Enchanted
  56. Malayalam - Puthuvatsara Aashamsakal Hi NSIyer
  57. Mizo - Kum Thar Chibai
  58. Maltese - Is-Sena t- Tajba
  59. Nepal - Nawa Barsha ko Shuvakamana
  60. Norwegian - Godt Nyttår
  61. Papua New Guinea - Nupela yia i go long yu
  62. Pampango (Philippines) - Masaganang Bayung Banua
  63. Pashto - Nawai Kall Mo Mubarak Shah
  64. Persian - Sal -e- no mobarak
  65. Philippines Manigong Bagong Taon!
  66. Polish - Szczesliwego Nowego Roku
  67. Portuguese - Feliz Ano Novo
  68. Punjabi - Nave sal di mubarak ਨਵੇਂ ਸਾਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਸ਼ੁਭ ਕਾਮਨਾਵਾਂ Hi Sayani !
  69. Romanian - An Nou Fericit
  70. Russian - S Novim Godom С Новым годом!
  71. Samoa - Manuia le Tausaga Fou
  72. Serbo-Croatian - Sretna nova godina
  73. Sindhi - Nayou Saal Mubbarak Hoje
  74. Singhalese - Subha Aluth Awrudhak Vewa
  75. Siraiki - Nawan Saal Shala Mubarak Theevay
  76. Slovak - Stastny Novy rok
  77. Slovenian - Sreèno novo leto
  78. Somali - Iyo Sanad Cusub Oo Fiican!
  79. Spanish - Feliz Ano ~Nuevo
  80. Swahili - Heri Za Mwaka Mpyaº
  81. Swedish - Gott nytt år!
  82. Sudanese - Warsa Enggal
  83. Tamil - Eniya Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal Hi Kavi, NSIyer, Ganesh, A. I..Radhika G, Rajk
  84. Tibetian - Losar Tashi Delek
  85. Telegu - Noothana samvatsara shubhakankshalu
  86. Thai - Sawadee Pee Mai
  87. Turkish - Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
  88. Ukrainian - Shchastlyvoho Novoho Roku
  89. Urdu - Naya Saal Mubbarak Ho
  90. Uzbek - Yangi Yil Bilan
  91. Vietnamese - Chuc Mung Tan Nien
  92. Welsh - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
  93. Mexican - Feliz Año Nuevo
  94. Latin - Felix sit annus novus Hi Chammakchallo!
  95. Sanskrit - Bhavati api nutana samawatsaryasa subhashchaya Hi Chammakchallo !
Any folks out there blogging in Swahili and Welsh, and say Uzbek ?


  1. Gosh I love you!! You never fail to make me smile. I so love that post and now if I'm ever in these countries at New Year I will know what to say!

  2. You are fabulous so many languages. First of all thank you so much and wish you the same!!!

    Secondly I loved the first and the last. The Afghan reminds me of one of mom's saying "one man's language is another's not so good language" and how do you pronounce the welsh one and stupid me thought malayalam was difficult.

  3. What a great post. I enjoyed seeing all the different languages. You always come up with the neatest ideas for your blog. It would take me forever to do one like this!

  4. Dear Madam,

    Thank you for the wishes. I see that you have inlcuded me in 2 categories, Tamil and Kannada. Ironically I'm not very strong in both the languages. My Kannada is passable and Tamil though being my mother tongue I have never studied in that medium. I'm more comfortable conversing, reading and writing in Marathi. English and Hindi are the other options.

  5. Thanks a lot for the inclusion. You can add in Malayalam too. I have some idea of the language.
    Great idea for a post and you have equipped me with things I wAS unaware and could use during my jaunts.

  6. Nandri ("Thank you!")...
    Tumhala ani tumchya parivarla navin varshyachya hardik shubhecha. Tumhala hey navin varsha sukhache,samruddhiche ani bhar bharache jao.
    :D !!!

  7. Well, shubho naba barsho to you, too. Your research has been painstaking but the results have been, as usual, brilliant. Thanks for the happy linguistic tour of the world.

  8. Wishing you a Chaan Chamakdaar Naveen Varsha too :)))

    What an idea sirjee !!

  9. Lilly Thank you. It just occurred to me, that maybe 5-10 years from now, one could click somewhere on blogger/wordpress/etc and "hear" a comment! Then this problem of generalizing English will go. One could then hear you and Kate, and Judy and Sylvia and absolutely enjoy the accents and the drawls .......

    Ranu Thank you. And I am dying to know how to pronounce the title of my own blog .....:-(

    Judy Thank you. I didnt really do research for this. I was looking for some graphics for using with some limericks on the limerick site I do with some other mumbai bloggers, and came across this , which gave me an idea......

    Ganesh,NSIyer Thank you for the comments. While I dont see anyone immediately going out trying to wish folks in Khmer, Lithuanian, and Assyrian, I have taken note of your suggested ammendments to your classifications, and put you , additionally, in Marathi, and Malyalam respectively. Isnt it great being multilingual !!!

    Rajk Thank you. I search :-).
    Incidentally, we missed you at the bloggers lunch.

    Radhika Thanks for teaching me "nandri". ( I have a friend from Kerala who says that (or a similar variation) on the phone when someone from her family/hometown calls. Now I know what to say when she brings me her dabba of "cotton like idlis and nectar like sambaar"......yum.

    ( Yes, the marathi wishes were wonderful. Except it is "bharbharaateeche jao", instead of "bhar bharache jao"....Thank you)

    Sucharita I will remember to wish you in Bengali at the next bloggers lunch we have .....Ozasro dhanyabad !

    A. I. Rumba nandri ! I hear thats the colloquial term in Chennai. Although Radhika above said its just nandri....Your Chamakdaar wishes continue to dazzle.

    All I can say is "Jai Ho !"...:-)

  10. I am a Palakkad Iyer....borderline case. So romba nandri = valara nanni...neither of which we use. Sigh. We stick to Thank you. :)))))))) Angrez chale gaye...

  11. :D ... thanks for that correction ... i have been here in maharashtra for a long time now but i could never study Marathi as a subject and never had to be in a place where learning Marathi was mandatory ... but i love the language and i am trying to learn it ... though i would not be able to speak in Marathi in near future, i do see that i understand it pretty well these days !
    Its lovely to be multilingual .. i have been in Gujarat as well and all cultures are beautiful and its more fun to know ppl of different culture than just know about one !

  12. Happy New Year to you, as well, and I didn't see it listed but in Mexico it is Feliz Navidad. Or maybe you haven't had anyone visit you from Mexico, yet.

  13. You are simply amazing. Your blog is always so different, always so informative than the rest. It really refreshes me to read your post after reading the regular nonsense happening in the rest of the world.
    BTW, i did a post on how we wish everyone a happy new year without really meaning it at the beginning of the year, but this wish really comes from my heart,
    "Tumhala navin varshachya hardik subhechcha. Aayushyatli sagli varshe tumhala aanandachi aani sukhachi javi aani dar varshi pramane hya varshi pan tumhi khoop blogs lihun amhala vachnyachi sandhi dyavi."

  14. Amber Star Thank you for the information on Mexico. Have updated the blog....

    Enchanted Thank you for the Ghasghasheet wishes ! I am just assuming that you are Mumbai-Punyakadchi....:-) Do you both work and live in Sunnyvale ? I was there visiting in 2007, and have actually seen folks taking walks in lenga-zhabbaas....and thought it was really cool....Also saw a apt complex refrred to as Oakwadi, on a road perpendicular to El Camino, going to Walgreens,Michaels, etc...

    I have added you under marathi in the blog....

  15. Thats an interesting post...and i guess that prompts to think about how many different ways the tongue can swirl and the air escapes to produce sound...!!

    All to leave behind a same feeling !!

    Hmm !!
    Lovely as usual !

  16. My goodness! The research you do is amazing! I am too lazy to do what you do.

    One minor correction: I believe that Feliz Navidad is Merry Christmas and not Happy New Year in Mexico.

  17. What a delightful idea! Thank you, for now I'll be able to wish my sister-in-law and her sister:

    Manigong Bagong Taon

    Wishing you a joyful New Year!

  18. "Ghasghasheet" LOL...
    Yes I am from Mumbai, living and working in Sunnyvale. Oakwadi for Oakwoods, that is really funny. We call Sunnyvale -- Surya Nagar :-) and btw my apt is right on El Camino. So next time you come here let me know, I would love to meet you.

  19. wa wa wa marathitun naavaa sakat shubhechha.. sahi

  20. Amber Star Apparently Feliz Navidad is merry Christmas. Turns out that happy new Year is Feliz Año Nuevo.....thus correcetd on the blog.

    Kavi You talk about tongues swirling in the process of enunciation of new languages. What a coincidence, but I have just been reading about muscle memories (dont ask why), and they say that your tongue remembers its "swirling ", so to speak, in the language that you speak most often. And so , when we try, say French, or Swahili, we may not be able to swirl well....say, as awell as english/marathi/hindi/tamil etc.....

    Darlene Thanks for the correction. I just went on the Internet and found out the correct Mexican phrase for Happy new Year. It is Feliz Año Nuevo . Have correcetd the blog entry.

    Aleta Thank you. Next year you can wish me in Marathi as well :-) (and all your other Indian blogfriends also in their respective languages). Havent met Roda, but just know her from your blog. Do wish her Manigong Bagong Taon from me as well !

    Enchanted tasa majha Sunnyvale madhe ale ki barya paiki wawar asto (blue sage, inverness, wolfe, el camino real wagaire wagaire :-)... tithe yeoon zar kadhi thadakle tar kalween....:-)

    Vinita Tu ekteech bigarblog wali ahes. Ata zara blogablogi suru kar.....mhanje amhala pa tujhya blog war comment karta yeteel....

  21. Such a lovley idea. And Merci - Grazie - Danke - Engraziel fitg for wishing me personally "äs guets Nüs Jahr" (Swiss German). I wish you "In bien niev onn" in Romantsch! Naye Varsha Ki Shubhkamanyen नए वर्ष की शुभ कामनाएँ. Actually, in how many languages would I have to wish you a Happy New Year?

  22. Blimey, my sincere congratulations Suranga, your knowledge knows no bounds missus - Great post! I wonder how it would be said in the 'Auld Scots' -'Guid noo-ar' I suppose... Anyhow - I was wondering where - Goong hay fat choi (spelling will be totally wrong) comes in as I was told a long time ago that this meant Happy New Year ? - I'd hate to think I was swearing or summat hehe.. was this person kidding me on ??

  23. FidaThank you for the wishes in Hindi. You can also wish me in Marathi (my mother tongue)and Gujarati(which I understand).

    French(learned it 43 years ago in school) and German (lived in Baden Wurtemburg area for a year), in which I know very little, but can wish people and say hello, bye, and important things like Thank you, "how much does this cost " etc etc.:-)....

    Kate Kate ! What a coincidence ! Just have a look at this limerick....about the Chinese wishes . (A bunch of Mumbai blogger folks and I have started this Limerick blog where we blog about absolutely anything in limerick form. I happened to blog about "Gung Hay fat choy".....

    In the meanwhile Guid noo-ar, and maybe i need to now do another blog later on saying "Sorry" in 92 languages too.....:-)

  24. Ya... Selamat Tahun Baru 2009....Terima Kasih...and I would like to wish you "Xong Xi Fa Cai" which means Happy Chinese New Year...I am still enjoying my Chinese New Year Holidays and I am back to work tomorrow...but the rest of my Chinese staff are on a very long holiday until 02.02.2009...

  25. Or like I wish people when I am speaking with them in Latin or Sanskrit in my day to day life.... (hehehehe....yeah right!)

    Felix sit annus novus

    Bhavati api nutana samawatsaryasa subhashchaya

    Much simpler for me...Happy Happy darlings! You have all the time this year to make yourself and others very, very happy.

  26. Thank you for the bottom of my heart !

    I send you my bery best wishes for a very happy, healthy and creative new year !

    Naveen Varshachya Shubhechcha !