Monday, May 04, 2009

Capricornian run up to the finals...:-)

I should have known.

My country and I have the same Sun Sign. Capricorn.

The country is in election mode. I face some too.

And like the National Elections, currently on, these too have been frought with spurious cookie based tricks, bogus votes, and booth capturing tactics.

And like our Election Commission of India, the organizers here have taken prompt and corrective action, and weeded out the "innovatively" voted candidates.

Thanks to all my blogger friends who voted, my post for the Mothers Day contest now stands 7th in the Top Ten. ( Any time someone says Top Ten, I feel like I am Whitney Houston :-)

The final voting for the Top 3 is now on, and results are to be declared on Mothers Day. The new page is at :

Which among the top ten Blog entry for the Mothers day contest do you like the most?

I would be most grateful if you could put in a vote for Ugich Konitari of Gappa (as I am listed there, 7 levels down....).. A single click should suffice. Fingers are not being inked , but still....

(For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the competition post may be read at :

Special ones come me from the heart....)

In the meanwhile,

Electioneering, they say, is a difficult art,
But someone, somewhere must make a start,
In a rough road with bends,
It helps if you have friends,
Who read your post & vote with their heart....

P. S. No shoes and chappals thrown and or dodged so far......


  1. I have voted from the heart - for you Suranga.

    You're a brave girl, standing in the spotlight.

  2. CONGRATULATIONs on being in the TOP TEN!!!
    Just voted for you...All the very best!

  3. After writing so many nice blogs you deserve to get votes from the readers. Meanwhile in these days possibly refregeration is good despite it is so hot outside because tomatoes and eggs do not get soiled. Why this shoe throwing?

  4. congrats...

    am going there to vote :)

  5. Hi Suranga, I went back and read your post and it was so awesome. Just like you. I voted for you my friend.

  6. Suranga,
    that was a wonderful piece of information.i've already voted for you.I do hope you make it to the final three.Cheers.

  7. Whitney Houston pales in comparison. I mean, i dont know if she makes delicious mango preparations !


    I have voted. And it is such a pleasure to be connected to a luminary like you. A top 10 luminary !

    Next time, we will have something to talk about !


  8. just voted! You seriously need to win!!

  9. statement may have come out wrong..I meant, I seriously think you should win!!!

  10. June Thank you, June. Never been in a Top 10 situation in my life. So this is interesting. If they ever have a comepition for hitting 'backspace' , I'll probably qualify :-)

    SGD Thank you, Sharmishtha. Keeping my fingers crossed. But looks like its difficult to go above 5th place...but its been so much fun !

    Pradip Biswas Are you saying folks should throw tomatoes and eggs instead of shoes ? Hmm. As you say, regfrigeration keeps the foodstuff fresh. I suppose no one throws eggs and tomatoes as you can make great bhurji there, where as nothing is possible from shoes. But I appreciate your kind words.

    Suma Thank you. Being in the top 10 without singing or dancing, at the age of 60 , is an experience everyone sgould have. :-) , and this is so much fun...

    Judy Thank you for voting. (Makes me feel like Obama, though I suppose I cant dance as well as him). But then he cant make mango pickle either ...:-)

    HHG Thanks, HHG for voting for me. This whole participation has been a very educative experience. I also realize why you need an election commission, and why you need to listen to it :-). Dont know if an elevation in vote status is likely, but its thrilling to realize that people actually vote for you !

    Kavi Thank you. Between my chhunda and Ms Houstons singing, maybe its time for her to sing "What do you get, when you lick the chhunda", or "I'll never spill the chhunda again". ...

    For someone who probably was happy being in the top 10,000, the loss of a few zeroes is a bit difficult to believe....

    Roshni Thank you. And no , your statement came out just fine. Like it was for GWB, winning is a bit difficult, in the face of some really wonderful blogposts , all in the running. But at least I learnt how to ask for votes ! :-)

  11. Hi Suranga, I have my fingers, knees,feet,toes and eyes crossed for you - so if you hear of a great earthquake taking place in Glasgow when the results come out you'll know who has landed back on the ground when the results come out.
    You deserve it Suranga - for all your posts are great! Not just the Mothers Day one and surely 'THAT' is what matters...

  12. Congratulations.
    For me your post is the winner and I truly hope you make it to the top.

  13. KateThank you for your effort and the vote. Glasgow will probably be saved from an earthquake, it looks like. I am somewhere 7th in line right now.

    Regardless of what happens finally, I feel like I have already won, thanks to all my wonderful blogging friends and their encouragement .....

    Usha Thank you for the encouragement and vote. Like I told Kate above, someone needs to be 7th etc so that some others get their day in the sun. Currently no dearth of that in Mumbai :-)

    Having said that, I find it completely amazing that across the world, people who I have never met, are simply taking time to vote for me; simply because they and I are linked by the word.Lucky me.

  14. I voted for you!! Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!

    (So glad to know that no shoes were thrown. Lol)

  15. I got your mail and have already voted for you. Like Whitney and the Chunnda, you rock!!

  16. When are the results? BTW- voted for you...

  17. Aleta Thank you, and yes , no footwear missiles as yet.

    Sucharita Thank you. And unlike Whitney, I seem to be sticking to the position at no 6. Incidentally, my daughter just went by and saw your comment about "rocking" and cracked up. She still doesnt understand how Whitney came into all this.....(actually I dont either :-)

    Manju Currently sedately floating at the no-6-soon-to-be-no -7-level. The day it started, even before I sent emails to friends, I was at no 3. Voting continues till May 10.

    I dont think anything will drastically change, but i am continually amazed at how so many folks I have never met have voted for me. (My vahini teaches elementary school in the US, and her class loved the write up, and voted, and some of the parents emailed and forwarded the stuff to their friends.)

    This has been the best reward. Of course, besides maybe sensitizing folks to adoption, special children and different types of successes, besides academic ....

  18. I had commented before not sure why it did not show up...

    You are the best and you have my vote..