Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dabbling and Doodling : ArtNews

I don't know about you but I have never done bungee jumping.

Not that an average , avoirdupois enabled, loud-voiced , approaching-60, blogger, routinely bungee-jumps (think of the bridge undergoing trauma), but that's how I feel when I am attempting something totally new, without any training, per se, and an entire family standing behind, mouths agape, hands covering their mouth, some even shaking their heads......you get the idea.

wasn't something the Lord remembered when he was distributing genes, in my case.

But a diet of persistent trying, fooling around with colors in the Windows Paint program, encouragement from some of my blogger friends, and an ability to have an opinion on everything, has allowed me to "methylate" the gene; that is, temporarily change settings in my genes blaming it on the environment. That's Epigenetics for you.

And so I am convinced that I need to have an ArtNews blog. In addition to this one.

Have a look at Reghotya

And in keeping with the latest mode of reacting and commenting, shoes, sandals, tomatoes and comments will be gratefully dodged........


  1. You're a natural! I love that you have such a zest for learning new things!!

  2. Ditto to what Roshini says. Your writing is art.Now with this kind of art writing...well, i wonder if the writing is on the wall for averagers like me !

  3. Kavi echoes my sentiments. I really admire you for trying new things. I am losing the desire to do so and feel rather sad about that.

  4. Wow! When my parents bought my sister a new computer, MSPaint was my only fascination. To say that I have dabbled in Windows Paint, would be an understatement. And let me tell you it is not very easy. Especially, keeping the mouse pointer steady all the while. :) Great work (Although the lady's mouth would have been WIDE open if she were bungee jumping :D)

  5. wow thats going in my reader right away

    loved the way u write the post as usual :)

  6. Acmouse and create a masterpiece using hte paint program. Atually I think you have the art gene alright it just has been hiding for a while. That picture is really good - its hard to control the mouse to create an image using the Paint program. What has June unleashed here!!! Soon there will be art exhibitions, openings we are invited to etc etc.

    I doubt whether there will shoes thrown at you but comments will for sure.

  7. I'm off to have a look!

    BTW, I have no doubt that you could master bungee jumping, too! :)

  8. "Reghotya" what an appropriate title.

  9. When someone with talents aatempts doing anything that becomes a runa way success. The same will happen to you. With all my good wishes.

  10. Of course, I am following your bungee-jump! Great stuff!!

  11. you do know, don't you, that you are an inspiration with your writing, and with your zest for learning :)

  12. Did you get your parcel from the UK yet? I dont think I will be going to Mubai but am being employed by a Mumbai company to do soem research on visa application centres....shame they dont want me to do that there but I am sure they have better qualified people than me to do that. Well I also think your culture is a better one by the sound of things.

  13. Roshni Thank you.

    Kavi Actually this stuff is more like Grafitti. Notice, that I call the stuff Artnews (with no space after Art). Thats because this way the art types wont pounce on me :-) for passing of stuff as art.

    Darlene thank you. Whoever made you feel that you are losing your desire to try new things , needs to observe again. I think you take fantastic photos amd write great pieces on things the government must do gfor the citizens. You are ONLY 83 ?

    G Your observation about the lady's mouth was so correct.
    Except I was so overcome by my success at actually drawing a thing that looked like a flying woman, that her face reflects my thrill. :-)

    Monika Thank you.

    Lilly Thank you. It is hard to control the mouse, but what delights me is the eraser thing. God knows how many times I've just wiped the thing clean, because a leg looked like a cucumber....

    And no, I havent yet received the package from the UK, but it does take like a fortnight typically for a small package, and even letters take like 10 days. So I am sure its on the way, maybe over Afghanistan or something. And yes, Visa Application Centres are the new innovation in managing huge lines and hordes of people leaning on the consulate walls here. The US and I think, the UK several ones around the country. Useful..

    Manju About the bungee jumping. You know the real reason why the Bandra-Worli sea link has stalled ? :-)

    Vinita Dusra kahi suchla nahi ga. Fakta reghotyach yetaat mala ....

    Pradip Biswas Thank you for saying that I have talent. I am totally thunderstruck. And am very grateful for your good wishes.....

    Sucharita These bungee jumps will probably need to be given a a long superstrong rope.....:-)

    Suma With all these nice words pouring forth, I feel like a statue about to be garlanded on some day by thoe guys who come in a crane.... :-) Thank you....

  14. You have a very interesting blog here..keep up!:)

  15. Amazing@ quest for newness. Not all can go for this. I enjoyed and let me experiment

  16. Way to go,wishing you all the success. If it is even half as good as your writing, you will rock the art world.

  17. I love your bungee jumper Suranga! It seems the sky is the limit with your new found Paint skills.
    June in Oz

  18. A New beginning Thank you and welcome.

    nsiyer Waiting to see some of your art work on display at June's....

    Aparna Thank you...

    June Saville Sometimes its easier to do things in MSPaint rather than actual :-)