Saturday, May 23, 2009

Virtually Art.....

June Saville, of Northern Rivers NSW, Australia, did some innovative art work in MSPaint, and suggested that people try and design their own and send the output to her.

Well, some did, and she is having an exhibition.

The Virtual 70 Plus Art Exhibition, (the 70 plus part having to do with the name of her blog). is of course open to all.

She is serving wine and cheese.

If you don't like what you see, virtual tomatoes, eggs, and shoes are available.....though I would think that your triceps and biceps can be put to better use.

Can you think of a more wonderful thing to do on a weekend :-)

Go have a look.....


  1. Thanks for the mention Suranga. And thanks for your contributions to this virtual art gallery of ours.
    It's proving to be a lot of fun.
    Entries are still open if people would like to take part!
    June in Oz

  2. I stopped by June's for some wine and cheese. Outstanding virtual art.

  3. June Saville You dont know what you are letting yourself in for when you say "entries are still open". Suddenly, an idea has lit up in my crowded head :-).....

    Darlene Looking forward to some interesting desert art from you...(You have such great photos of desert flowers. Paste them into the Paint window, and use colors to decorate the surroundings....)

    Believe me, this whole thing is addictive....

    Darlene, try it , you'll like it ! (This was a very popular ad (for some Italian eating stuff), on TV when I was in grad school at UCI in 1970's. I just remembered....:-)

  4. I mean...your enthusiasm is infectious. And 70 plus kicking is happening all across. From the PM downwards !!

    Lovely connections !!


  5. June Sent over a serious political one....:-)

    Kavi How come the limericky and arty proclivities of MBA types are not visible ? For a chap that spends his waking hours in paints ? Hmm....

  6. I enjoyed the art gallery party and the wine and cheese. I am no artist but played along. You would never know from my stick person that my son is a very talented artist and went to school on scholarship!!! I think you did a great job with your artwork.

  7. manju Maja ahe ki nahi ! Who would have ever thought that such a non artistic type like me would be on a art exhibition blog ? ....:-)

    Judy I thought your depiction of TW's teddy bear was wonderful. (Its easy to draw abstract stuff. You can get away with imperfections and stuff. ) Its very difficult to draw something as it appears in front of you .

    I know it is so difficult to hold the mouse steady. I have used the eraser more often than the drawing tool. But clearly, I can where your son gets his art genes from....

  8. Hey! I have tagged you. Go look!